Terms of reference

After the village meeting on 1st February 2016 the Parish Council discussed the benefit of involving a group of volunteers from around the village in conducting an independent survey to find out what the residents themselves feel about Flamstead’s short, medium and longer term future.

It was agreed that a survey would be conducted to ascertain the views of residents on the future of the village, and that this would best be performed by a different group from the Parish Council itself.

Volunteers were requested to put themselves forward to join a Working Group, with terms of reference defined as follows:

  1. To survey the views of as many Flamstead Parish residents as possible about whether and how they want the Parish to change in the short, medium and long-term, considering a wide range of issues that affect quality of life in the village, including sports and leisure facilities and housing.
  2. To use the survey results to develop proposals to submit to the Parish Council, as appropriate to the powers and resources that the Parish Council has.
  3. To advise the Parish Council on how best to feed this information back to the residents, so that they are as satisfied as possible that their views have been heard.

The flamstead future group is independent of the Parish Council in terms of how it runs the survey and what questions it chooses to ask. It will report its findings and make proposals to the Council, and the Council has provided a budget for printing and publicity costs.

The map below shows the boundaries of Flamstead Parish:


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