Based on the results of the 2016 Parish Survey, the Working Group has made 8 recommendations to Flamstead Parish Council:

1) To engage with Hertfordshire County Council and the local MP to exert maximum pressure for a rapid, appropriate and effective solution to the problems of access to the A5 from Flamstead

2) In its planning and development-related activities, to respect the majority opinion in the village against development over and above that already permitted by the existing local plan, to be mindful of the types of housing favoured where development is permitted, and to seek independent professional advice on whether a Neighbourhood Plan would enhance or potentially undermine the protection enjoyed by the village

3) To defend where possible the aspects of the village valued most highly by residents, namely the rural setting, size and appearance of the village and also the sense of community, and to continue to encourage and where appropriate support the shop and pubs, churches, groups and activities which contribute to community life

4) To focus on what can be done to maintain and improve the village facilities already available, for example the apparatus, quality of surfaces, range of activities and overall cleanliness of the recreation ground, the repair of street lights, the broadband speed and the appearance of the common ground at the bottom of Chequers Hill

5) To bring pressure to bear to improve the quality of roads, pavements including a review of any need for more drop kerbs, and to ensure road and drain cleaning is undertaken regularly

6) To consider how the availability and utilisation of meeting places could be coordinated in a sustainable way so as to encourage best use of the facilities available, with some investment where needed – and to stimulate some fund-raising effort for major work on the Pavilion so it better serves
the community and adds to the range of activities available to youngsters

7) To be mindful of concerns such as speeding in Singlets Lane, parking in the High Street, lack of bus services to Harpenden, availability of school places, lack of a visiting surgery and to consider what influence the PC might bring to bear on ameliorating these

8) To hold a further public meeting before the end of the year at which the Parish Council indicates how it intends to move forwards in light of the survey findings

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