Frequently Asked Questions

Questions raised about the survey process will be answered here, so please review this list before sending a query:

Q: Is this a referendum on the ideas presented at the village meeting last November?
A: No, it’s not. The Parish Council has said that it is not pursuing those ideas – they were an illustration. Instead, this survey is to give parishioners a chance to express their own views on what they’d like to see happen in the village over the next 20 years, across a number of different areas.

Q: Is this a referendum on whether we should create a Neighbourhood Plan?
A: Not directly – that question is not asked, for the simple reason that until we know whether people want change or not, a decision about whether a Neighbourhood Plan might be appropriate or not cannot sensibly be made.

Q: So why is this survey important?
A: It is important for you to “have your say” because the combined results of this survey will guide the decisions made by Parish Council concerning the future of the village, to the extent it has influence. Housing is one part of the survey, and the decision about whether to embark on a Neighbourhood Plan or not will depend among other things on the views expressed by parishioners about housing. Similarly, decisions regarding other priorities, pressures or targets for spending.

Q: Who can respond to the survey?
A: The main survey is open to residents of Flamstead Parish who are 16 or over, on an individual basis. Separate sets of questions will be provided for the 5-7s, 8-10s and 11-15s.

Q: How can I get a copy of the survey?
A: The link to the online survey is on the Home page of this website and will be emailed to subscribers. Hard copies will be available from the Village Stores for those who are not online.

Q: Do I have to give my name?
A: You can provide your name if you wish to, but it’s not mandatory. We are asking everyone to provide their postcode just as a basic check.

Q: Is this part of a Neighbourhood Plan process?
A: No, this is a survey to find out what residents think is important about Flamstead and its future, and whether or not they want any changes. The results will be fed back to residents and recommendations for next steps based on the results will be made to the Parish Council by the Working Group.

Q: Who has come up with this survey?
A: The survey questions have been designed by a group of 16 volunteers from around the village, with 3 advisers, comprising the Flamstead Future Working Group. It was road-tested on a group of 30 people not involved in its creation before launch, and the Parish Council reviewed and commented on the draft.

Q: The survey refers to “Flamstead” whereas the website has information which distinguishes the core village area surrounded by its planning envelope, from the surrounding area. What am I meant to infer by “Flamstead” in the context of the survey document and in particular the housing question, Q3?
A: By “Flamstead” in the context of the survey document we mean in general the core village area and its surroundings, ie “Flamstead Parish”. In question 3 we sought to provide as concisely as possible an understanding of the policy background as it affects the core village planning envelope, but the main thrust of the question is to find out what people think regarding housing in general in the future. A link to the website is provided for more detailed policy explanations, as well as a text box for any qualifying comments you may wish to make.

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