Current policy

Flamstead is within the Green Belt and is designated in the Dacorum Core Strategy (Sep 2013) as a “selected small village”. Part of the parish is also designated as an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Dacorum planning policy CS6 designates Flamstead as a selected small village in the green belt and only limited (1-2 houses per project) infilling for affordable housing for local people is permitted within the planning envelope shown below, providing any development is sympathetic to its surroundings and retains and protects the character and appearance of the village.

If substantially extra development was decided by the community to be required, then two tools are available under the Localism Act: a Neighbourhood Plan and a Community Right to Build.

Planning applications are currently determined in accordance with the development plan and national planning policies. The Planning Inspectorate would take account of these policies when assessing plans and appeals, but a Neighbourhood Plan or Community Right to Build may provide extra force.

The current “planning envelope” around the core of Flamstead village, within which CS6 applies, is shown below with some recent modifications marked:


A report from an independent planning consultant was commissioned by a group of villagers concerned to clarify what protection is currently afforded to Flamstead, and whether having a Neighbourhood Plan would add to that. The report has been shared with the working group and – in an earlier draft – with the Parish Council, and can be downloaded using this link >> Flamstead Planning Report April 2016

Please note however that nothing on this website should be taken as planning advice, recommendation or anything more than an attempt to give a basic introduction to a complex area in which new tools such as neighbourhood plans are still finding their feet.

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